Creature Comforts Inn
200 West Cornwallis Road
Durham, NC 27707

919.489.1490 (main)
919.402.8050 (fax)


Our five-star accommodation facility is located in the Raleigh/Durham area and specializes in individualized boarding and grooming. We have sized accommodations for up to 70 dogs and 20 cats, and a separate facility for birds, guinea pigs and other exotic pets. While at Creature Comforts Inn, our dedicated staff will provide to your pet the finest care tailored to his special needs. We are located adjacent to Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital; therefore, your pet is just next door in the event medical treatment should ever become necessary. This should give you peace of mind to enjoy your vacation as your pet enjoys his vacation stay with us.

Creature Comforts Inn is a proud member of ABKA (American Boarding Kennels Association) which provides a set of standards to bring professionalism into the boarding kennel industry and “state of the art” in animal care and management. As a member of the American Boarding Kennels Association, this kennel freely acknowledges and willingly accepts the serious responsibility involved in the care of your beloved pets. CCI is regularly inspected by the veterinary division of N.C. Dept. of Agriculture and the Durham County Fire Marshall which only confirm our demand for excellence by receiving the highest accreditation.